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{ Makes an ideal xmas present for that special person in your life!! }


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Order your Wally Winders now to avoid disappointment.&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;

Order your Wally Winders now to avoid disappointment.<><><><><>

Featured Product:    Wally Winder™

The Strap Winder for very Smart People

Treat yourself, or someone who deserves a quality gift. Save postage, order 2 Wally Winders at the same time.

Neatly wound straps are protected from wind / rain & improve the space in tool box of your vehicle.

The colour makes your winder easy to see & use as a marker or indicator, it stands 370mm high & 140mm wide.

Your Winders can be ordered on the website, or by phoning 1300 604 704…