How The Wally Winder™ can pay for itself in just 9½ Weeks !!

Cost recovery for The Wally Winder™

This illustrates just how quickly The Wally Winder™ pays for itself and how much money can be saved by using it. Calculations are based on a 12.5m strap and fee/wage of $30.00 per hour.

It takes The Wally Winder™ 12 seconds to wind a 12.5m cargo strap. Compare this to hand winding which takes at least 50 seconds and you have a time saving of 38 seconds per strap.

If you wind 10 straps per day with The Wally Winder™ it will save you 380 seconds (6 minutes 33 seconds) per day. At first that doesn’t sound like much but let’s look at it over an extended period of time:

6m 33s per day x 5 = 32m 45s (1 Week)

32m 45s @ $30.00 per hour = $16.00 (1 Week)

32m 45s x 4 = 2 Hours 8 Minutes (4 Weeks)

2 Hours 8 Minutes @ $30.00 per hour = $64.00 (4 Weeks)

52 Weeks @ $16.00 per Week = $832.00 per Year

$832.00 x 5 = $4,160.00 saved in 5 Years

Now that makes a BIG difference! Remember, the figures are based on winding just 10 straps per day and a fee of $30.00 per hour. If you wind 20 straps per day just double the figures.

At these calculations The Wally Winder™ will have paid for itself in 9½ Weeks or once you have wound 470 straps. Once it has paid for itself it will save you money every time you use it.

ALSO: The Wally Winder is Tax Deductible when used in a working environment.

Q&A with Andrew - Founder of Straptidy®

We managed to catch up with Andrew, designer of the Wally Winder™ and founder of the Straptidy® company, to ask him a few questions about the Wally Winder™.

Blog: ‘Looking at the Wally Winder™ the first thing that strikes us is the quality of the build. It is extremely well made. Is that something that was important to you when you went into production?’

Andrew: ‘Definitely. There’s no point in making a product that does a good job but doesn’t last. When I buy tools, I want something that does the job and I can rely on time after time. I feel the Wally Winder™ fits the bill. It’s made from the best materials available, constructed to last and will do the job it’s meant to do for years. Anyone who’s ever bought a cheap screwdriver or spanner knows what I mean.’

Blog: ‘Where did the original idea for the Wally Winder™ come from?

Andrew: ‘Having 25 years experience in trucking and rural haulage, I was well placed to see there was a glaring need to come up with a solution to the time wasted rolling cargo straps by hand. I had seen some drivers dump their straps in a box, struggle to untangle the mess and do the same once they unstrapped their load. Using the Wally Winder™ straps can be rolled and stored quickly in a mess free environment, saving money by saving time and wear on the straps. I created a prototype and refined it over the past year to produce the Wally Winder™’

Blog: ‘The fact the Wally Winder™ is made in Australia is refreshing these days with so many things sold by Australian companies made overseas. Was that a hard decision for you to make?’

Andrew: ‘No, not at all. One of the driving forces behind the Straptidy® brand is the fact we can make the products here in Australia. We can monitor how the products are made and make sure the raw materials used are the best available. We are creating jobs and revenue for the local companies we use to make the Wally Winder™ as well as employing staff to run the Straptidy® company. It would be nice if other Australian companies could follow suit.’

Blog: ‘On a similar note, did you have to patent your designs to protect them from being copied?’

Andrew: ‘Good question. All of our designs have registered patents. We were advised by “Davies, Collison, Cave” who are top of their field in protecting intellectual property & patent design. The last thing we want to see are sub-standard, shoddily made counterfeit products coming in from overseas. Apart from lost sales, any poorly made copies would reflect badly on the Straptidy® brand. We are protected with Trade Marks, Registered Designs & Patents and will defend these robustly should the need arise.’

Blog: ‘Finally Andrew, can you tell us about the Straptidy® company.  What are the ideals of the company and what will the future hold?’

Andrew: ‘The Straptidy® company is more than just a vehicle to promote the Wally Winder™, it is a place for us to nurture and refine ideas for future products. We have a few prototypes that are nearing production and ideas that are still on the drawing board. We hope that the the Straptidy® brand will become synonymous with quality made innovative products made here in Australia.  As we say “Making life easier through innovation”’