How The Wally Winder™ can pay for itself in just 9½ Weeks !!

Cost recovery for The Wally Winder™

This illustrates just how quickly The Wally Winder™ pays for itself and how much money can be saved by using it. Calculations are based on a 12.5m strap and fee/wage of $30.00 per hour.

It takes The Wally Winder™ 12 seconds to wind a 12.5m cargo strap. Compare this to hand winding which takes at least 50 seconds and you have a time saving of 38 seconds per strap.

If you wind 10 straps per day with The Wally Winder™ it will save you 380 seconds (6 minutes 33 seconds) per day. At first that doesn’t sound like much but let’s look at it over an extended period of time:

6m 33s per day x 5 = 32m 45s (1 Week)

32m 45s @ $30.00 per hour = $16.00 (1 Week)

32m 45s x 4 = 2 Hours 8 Minutes (4 Weeks)

2 Hours 8 Minutes @ $30.00 per hour = $64.00 (4 Weeks)

52 Weeks @ $16.00 per Week = $832.00 per Year

$832.00 x 5 = $4,160.00 saved in 5 Years

Now that makes a BIG difference! Remember, the figures are based on winding just 10 straps per day and a fee of $30.00 per hour. If you wind 20 straps per day just double the figures.

At these calculations The Wally Winder™ will have paid for itself in 9½ Weeks or once you have wound 470 straps. Once it has paid for itself it will save you money every time you use it.

ALSO: The Wally Winder is Tax Deductible when used in a working environment.